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SUD Lisboa: The Trendy Luxury Hotspot Taking Lisbon By Storm


When it comes to luxurious evenings in Lisbon, it doesn’t get much better than a trip to the opulent SUD Lisboa. Having recently celebrated its three-year anniversary after its initial inauguration in July 2017, this five-star, €16 million fine dining, entertainment and events venue promises an experience you’ll never forget, set on the picturesque riverfront in the Belém area of the city, and offering the kind of impeccable service to all of its guests that is truly second to none.

This lavish establishment, which has fast made a name for itself thanks to its unique, multi-purpose events space and all-round quality experience, is one of the latest brainchilds of the iconic SANA Group, and with its contemporary yet timeless feel comprising clean, flowing lines that are reminiscent of the 1930’s Art Deco era, it has fast become renowned as much for its interior flair as much as its trendy vibe.

Linger for a while on the stylish SUD Terrazza or the second-floor pool area, taking in sweeping views over the river, and for a moment you could easily feel as if you’re on a luxury cruise liner. Comprising two distinct building structures – the aforementioned Terrazza, and the SUD Lisboa Hall, the two structures are connected by a scenic sky walk. Designed by the renowned architect Antoine Pinto, it offers an instantly upscale ambience and refreshingly cool vibe the moment you set foot through either door."

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