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The Therapeutic Benefits of Massages for Children


It is an undeniable fact: today's children need to learn to relax. They hardly have room for leisure, with their free time completely taken up by mobile phones, tablets or even television.

The latest studies point to an increase in stress-related problems in childhood. The demanding pace of today's lifestyle, the lack of family time as well as physical activity and the deprivation of hours of sleep, are making children of this generation both hyperactive and anxious - and never before have so many of them taken medication for stress-related disorders.


Did you know that skin-touch and the stimulation that massages create, are great allies in helping children relax and unwind?


Massage: an effective anti-stress therapy

Massages and other treatments have proven to be effective therapies in reducing anxiety and stress, helping to lower cortisol levels and consequently improving mood and positive attitudes.


At SAYANNA Wellness & SPA, wellness therapies for children have yielded excellent results. We have created experiences with different techniques that help to increase dopamine and serotonin levels. The results translate into a sense of well-being and tranquility and a happier, more balanced mood. We also identified other important benefits, such as improved sleep quality, stronger immune defenses and relief of muscle tension and localized pain.


SAYANNA Kids Treatments

The SAYANNA Kids treatments were designed with children's specific needs in mind. They are short-duration treatments, fun and inspired by all things enchanted, to make them feel truly special. You can choose from a variety of treatments: body massages, facials, foot reflexology and also family treatments, where you can offer your little one the opportunity to have a shared wellness experience with you. Get to know the main ones:


Treatment for Princes and Princesses:

Little princes and princesses can now unwind from their days of play and fun with a fantastic full body relaxation massage using gentle massage techniques.


Royal Family Treatment: These are the best moments in the world for adults and children alike! A relaxing massage that provides a true shared family experience.


For the non-ticklish feet: Only the strongest can resist this reflexology foot massage.


The SAYANNA Kids treatments can provide a host of long-term benefits. Our experienced therapists consider each child's individual profile and turn each treatment into a memorable and rewarding experience for them.

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